pix value (unscaled)
             column offset
             row offset

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   start-year (at least 2002)
   end-year (up to 2009)
   n pixels per side

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eric F. Vermote
                                  University of Maryland

                                  Department of Geography

                                 and NASA GSFC code 619

Correspondence to:   Jim Ray, SSAI,

                                GSFC, Bldg. 32, S043-7,  

                                Greenbelt, MD, 20771


Responsible NASA Official: Ed Masouka Web site design:
   Check out for more information about MODIS.
   The data displayed here (MOD09CMG-derived BRDF-corrected NDVI data) is derived from an in-house
   experimental data set, produced by the Principal Investigator.
   MOD09CMG data is available at the following websites:
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